Thursday, October 30, 2008

Those Blue Eyes

I love brown eyes. They are so beautiful and rich. I think the fact that I have blue eyes might have something to do with it, but I love them either way.

Having said that, I LOVE to take pictures of subjects with blue eyes. Especially blue eyes like these. Untouched, unenhanced. Just beautifully natural brilliant eyes. *Sigh.* I just love my job.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Wow. She is so perfect. She has the most perfectly round belly that I have ever seen. I had to start out with my favorite.

Monday, October 27, 2008


These are just about the best lookin kids (and don't forget the parents) ever. Seriously. So cute, so full of personality, so photogenic. Exactly what every photographer dreams of. It helps that their mom is an amazing photographer, so they are used to the camera.

Have to say, photographing a photographer is both easier and harder. Easier because they understand when you have to shoot at an ISO 1600 to get the shot and the picture has a little noise, and harder because you wonder if they sometimes think, "What in the world is she doing?"

So while I was trying to get a couple family shots I had this ginormous goose keep trying to eat me. It seriously did not shut up the whole time. It just kept honking and honking and honking at me the entire time. Plus it was behind me, so I was kind of scared that I was going to get bitten. And the rear. As in "goosed." That would have been a story to remember.

(p.s. That second picture, no editing on face, or EYES. They are really that amazingly blue.)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wall Galleries

Having a difficult time deciding what to do with your pictures? Let me know and I am happy to design one specifically for you at no additional charge!

Monday, October 20, 2008

P is for Perfect

One reason that I absolutely love what I do is the fact that every time is different. Every time has different challenges, different (most of the time) people, different personalities. I love capturing that.

I take pictures to capture those unrecoverable moments. I take them to capture exactly how you are, in that moment. Sometimes you are sad, sometimes happy, sometimes throwing a tantrum. I love it all. It's truly the day to day things that make life wonderful. And it's those imperfect pictures that make what I do so incredibly rewarding, and enjoyable.

This family was so full of character. I rode with them up to the location and got to sit by the funniest, most confident little five year old I've ever met. She had me laughing and acting silly right along with her (enough that I missed pointing out our turnoff...).

So, these are some of the moments I caught. (Especially that last family one. I think that's about as perfect as it gets with a six month old, two year old, and five year old.) I had a hard time narrowing it down. I still haven't completely decided. I love that one right up in Emma's face. And the one where they are looking at the ladybug they found. And all of these, really.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

In Thirty Minutes

You could get pictures like these:

Thanks, Marcie, for letting me take pictures of Madeline (spelling?). She is so sweet. And she was so good. This was such a breeze. We'll get your family ones soon too. (I gotta go ask permission at that sweet place...)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


If you have been holding out for a great deal to get your pictures taken, here it is. Samantha Stanton Photography is excited to offer the Fall Mini Session for only $30.

This session includes a half hour photo shoot of as few, or as many, family members as you choose at the location of your choice, the editing and processing of images and a one month online gallery.

Whether you're looking for a family portrait to put on your Christmas cards, a picture to frame and hang above the mantle, or a few great shots of your little ones in their Halloween costumes, this is the deal you've been waiting for.

Mini sessions must be booked before November 12th. Sessions will fill up fast so contact us to book yours today!

To view Christmas card templates and prices scroll down.

Tell all your friends and family. It's the best special of the year!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cold Shoot

So this photoshoot was so much colder than I was expecting. I didn't bring a jacket (but luckily had the intuition to wear a long sleeve shirt) and my fingers were numb at the end. I can only imagine how these poor kids were feeling? 

But other than the temperature, this was so fun. Little Mikey would totally believe me when I asked him if he could see the elephant in my camera lens, and we got him telling us name, color, and sometimes the size. I had a lot of fun with you guys, and we got some great shots too. 

(It wasn't until I was at home looking through these that John pointed out that Lance looks sort of like him. Weird, huh?)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Card Pricing

I am so excited to offer cards for your holiday season. These cards are beautiful, quality prints, and feature your family's photo session pictures on them. To view the cards, scroll down.

Cards come in packs of 25, with envelopes included. There are three different papers that you can choose from. They are:

Standard: slightly glossy stock

Art: watercolor or linen style

Pearl: slightly metallic sheen

Right now, I offer three different sizes, and two different formats of cards. I have a 4 x 5.5, 5 x 7, and 5x5. All three sizes come in either a folded or flat format. (Accordian, Trifold, and Wide Fold coming soon!)

Print Pricing:

4 x 5.5 Folded

standard - $36.95
art - $39.95
pearl - $42.95

5 x 7 & 5 x 5 Folded

standard - $45.95
art - $51.95
pearl - $57.95

4 x 5.5 Flat

standard - $22.95
art - $24.95
pearl - $25.95

5 x 7 & 5 x 5 Flat

standard - $26.95
art - $29.95
pearl - $32.95

These cards are perfect for this season's holiday cards. You'll have your family's beautiful pictures on a stunning card printed with vibrant colors. Take the hassle out of your holiday cards and save money doing it! Contact me with any questions and more details!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I am happy to announce my new product! I have been working long and hard to bring you Cards for the upcoming season. These can be printed with the images from your session in a variety of sizes and papers. I'll post more details on pricing and printing in the next couple of days, so be sure to check back!